Our Terms & Conditions

§ 1. Purview

These Terms & Conditions are valid for contractual relationships between participants of the Vienna Honey Swing Festival and the SwingAUT association (organizer of the festival). By participating in the festival and entering any festival location you agree to these terms.

§ 2. Registration

The registration for the workshops and parties of the festival is completed through a registration system on the homepage: www.viennahoneyswing.com.

The registration constitutes a binding contract to pay the fee for the event. This is also valid if not all classes and/or parties are attended. The spot is guaranteed after the required amount arrives in the bank account of the organizer (all info will be sent via mail).

The event fee is to be paid within 10 days after the confirmation and payment e-mail is received.

§ 3. Cancellation Fee, Cancellation of Contract

In case of cancellation until 31st July 2018, 50% of the fee will be refunded. In case of cancellation until 1st September 2018, 20% of the fee will be refunded. A refund after 1st of September is not possible.

Passes can be transferred to another person by the participant by the ticket number and giving a short notice to the organizers.

Business obligations, work- or business travels, illness, vacation or the lack of childcare cannot be accepted as a reason for refunding the fee.

§ 4. Adjustment of Programme

The organizer and/or the venue reserves the right to make alterations to the published festival programme (bands and venues) where reasonably necessary. We suggest to regularly check our website and Facebook event page in order to be aware of potential updates.

§ 5. Responsibility for Injuries and Personal Belongings

All participants are attending the festival at their own risk and the organizer does not take any responsibility for participants’ injuries or health issues that might happen during the festival.

The organizer does not take any responsibility for participants’ belongings.

Damage claims against the organizer are not possible.

The participants are liable for damages to rooms, objects and to third parties caused by themselves.

§ 6. Behaviour in the Venues

Smoking is not allowed in the venues. We ask you to wear dancing shoes or shoes with clean soles in the classrooms. Jackets and coats must be left in the wardrobe because of fire regulations.

Individuals who disturb the classes can be dismissed by the organizers.

§ 7. Personal Data Protection

Please see our Privacy Policy for details, thanks.

§ 8. Imagery

All workshops and social events are held in public spaces. Photographs and videos may be taken at these occasions and we may publish such photographs or videos without additional express consent of the participants. Vienna Honey Swing will not use such photographs or videos for purposes other than documenting or promoting the activities of the festival. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your image being taken at one of our events, please contact us in advance.

§ 9. Safe Environment

We believe in creating an environment where people in the swing dance community can learn, dance, grow and feel safe. Discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual orientation or disability will not be tolerated at all. The participant and organizer promise to work together to keep dance spaces and venues safe and welcoming for all people.

§ 10. Law and Place of Jurisdiction

Austrian law applies to the festival, the place of execution and jurisdiction is Vienna.